100% Money-Back Guarantee

We maintain a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all new projects in the case we come up short on our promises. This is solely provided that the refund request meets the following criteria:

  • Client provides (in writing) an explanation why they would like a refund.
  • Our internal staff can prove that the aforementioned explained reasons were due to a fault on our behalf and not that of the client.
  • The refund is for a first half deposit of first scheduled recurring payment. Ongoing projects in which there are active payments (past the first) or in which payments were completed do not receive a refund.
  • The aforementioned explanation addresses an issue within 90 days of the allotted finish date for the particular item being addressed in the explanation.

In short, we’ll give 100% refunds when there is a clear flaw in our own workmanship and you address it fairly quickly. If you failed to follow up with tasks we’ve given you or you just “changed your mind” then we won’t refund you.