Can You Afford to Go without a Mobile Website?

If people can’t access your site on their mobile devices, you’re not doing what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive world.

  • In 2011, there were $241 billion in mobile transactions
  • 86 percent of adults own cell phones or smartphones
  • Mobile access is expected to overtake traditional access by 2014
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How should You Go Mobile?

There are several ways to create a mobile presence for your business. Which one is right for you? Our team can help you determine the best course of action.

  • Don’t Create a Mobile Website at All

    This isn’t actually a viable option. Companies that don’t bother to create mobile versions of their websites are passed over by most mobile users. Smartphones and other mobile devices can’t always render regular websites properly. There’s no way to ensure that people will actually see your website if it’s not optimized in some way to work with mobile devices.

  • Create a Separate, Mobile Version of Your Site

    This used to be the preferred method for ensuring that mobile users could find you. However, it’s quickly becoming obsolete. In some cases, though, a totally mobile website be the best option. Our team can create a separate, mobile version of your website. It’s not the most graceful solution, but it definitely works. However, we’ll most likely advise you to go in a different direction if possible.

  • Create a Responsive Website

    Here’s where our team really shines. Responsive websites can adapt to render properly on all kinds of different devices. They eliminate the need to create several versions of the same site, so there’s a lot less work and less room for error. What’s even better is that your ranking on the major search engines will be strengthened when people can access the same URLs on several different devices and platforms.

  • Design a Mobile App

    Mobile apps are wildly popular, but they don’t make sense for all businesses. Our team will learn about your company and familiarize ourselves with your ultimate goals. If the nature of your products and services lends itself well to creating an app, we will design one for you. A mobile app generally shouldn’t completely take the place of a mobile website. You will still want to have a responsive website or a separate, mobile version of your site. After all, not everyone will want to install your app.

Why is Mobile so Important?

You may still not be convinced that mobile websites are all that important, or you may think that the nature of your business doesn’t make it such a pressing concern. Consider these points:

  • Everyone’s Doing It

    The vast majority of adults own and use smartphones and other mobile devices. There’s no question that your target audience is mobile.

  • On-the-Go Access

    Shouldn’t you make your company as accessible to prospective customers as possible? If they can’t find what they need to know while they’re on the go, they’ll look elsewhere.

  • Sales Opportunities

    If you run an e-commerce site, it’s crucial to go mobile. People can be pretty impulsive. Don’t you want to be there whenever they want what you have to offer?

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

    In the unlikely event that your top competitors haven’t embraced the mobile revolution, doing so yourself will give you an important edge.

  • Embrace Social Media

    Social media is bigger and more influential than ever, and many people strictly access it through their mobile devices. If you’re not mobile, you can’t hope to make the most of social.

  • Stay Relevant‎

    If nothing else, going mobile will help your company stay relevant. By embracing this technology now, you’ll be better prepared to embrace whatever comes next.