Make changes to your website with little to no technical knowledge.

Content management systems allow for the creation, modification, publishing, and management of content on a website in a format that is easier to use.

  • Add and update the pages of your website, with no code.
  • Add new features and apps to your website in a few clicks.
  • Change your site’s design on the fly to give it a new look.
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Learn About the CMS (Content Management Systems)

The CMS dictates the structure of absolutely everything, background themes, design elements, articles, text content, videos, units for sale, inventory, customer management and much more. Each CMS we create for a client is custom tailored to their resources and needs.

  • Does Every Website Come with a CMS?

    The short answer is no. We believe every website should, we refuse to sell one that doesn’t. Many web developers will offer a less expensive product without a CMS for two reasons, one it requires less work. A project that requires less time from the developer will result in a lower price. The second reason is that the user will not be able to update the site without assistance from a technical professional; this equals a residual income to the company selling the site for the life of the website.

  • Which CMS is the best?

    While everyone will claim they use the best CMS, or better yet they have created the best CMS the answer, not surprisingly, is that there is no best CMS. There are many in existence, each has its strengths and weaknesses, the best question you can ask is this one. Which CMS will best enable me to be successful based on my needs?

    Once we have determined the specific feature set necessary to your success online we will recommend a CMS. It is important to ensure that the agency you engage has a well-rounded team. We have developers that are experts in every major platform and CMS. Agencies with a limited capacity will always push you toward their expertise; this often leads to a scenario in which the developers attempt to fit a “round peg into a square hole.” Parts of your site will work well, many wont, we are hired to fix this type of thing all the time.

  • I spoke to a company with a custom CMS, is that a good thing?

    Some companies work to develop a proprietary CMS. In most cases it starts from a perceived feature they feel is lacking in the CMS they currently use. A custom CMS is created for an agency’s internal use, as such there are rarely any reviews available regarding the CMS and support only exists through the agency.

    This leads to several potential issues:

    • Build quality. A client must take it on faith that the agency knows what they are doing and that they will provide support for the life of your online business.
    • Keeping up. Major CMS platforms are supported by a community of developers often in conjunction with significant in house teams. They update themselves in a comprehensive fashion that few agencies are capable of keeping up with.
    • Future proofing. If the agency or developer you engage retires, goes out of business, suffers catastrophic loss or disappears for any reason you will have limited options. As a business owner, you will have to find a trusted developer or agency and pay them while they attempt to learn the unknown system. If this becomes too inefficient the site will need to be rebuilt from scratch.