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Complex websites don’t appear out of thin air. Get off on the right foot with our top-notch website planning services.

  • Avoid missteps and mistakes by making clear plans
  • Attract serious investors by showing you’re serious too
  • Calculate your budget, timeline and requirements with precision
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Premium Website Planning: Our Process

Other web development companies make things up as they go. That’s not how we work. With us, every step is planned out ahead of time, and superior results are assured.

  • Step One: Getting to Know You

    Our team will learn everything it can about your company by conducting a series of in-depth interviews that will help us formulate a clear online strategy. We’ll delve in deeper to familiarize ourselves with your most important goals and keep those goals in mind for future reference. After we’re confident that we know your company, we’ll get to know its top competitors too.

  • Step Two: Making a Plan

    It’s crucial to take a measured approach while planning a website. Our team will identify the features that are needed to make your site a success and rank them in order of priority. From there, we’ll determine the technical elements that will be needed to make these features work. Finally, we’ll work on the information architecture plan to outline how information will be organized on your site.

  • Step Three: Visualizing Your Website

    Functionality is crucial, but aesthetics are too. How is your site going to look? During this step, we’ll start visualizing how everything will work. Through the use of wireframes, we’ll create rough drafts of every page of your website. Ideas will become concrete and visual, which will help you see what you’re going to get. As needed, we’ll also use Photoshop to plan out important visual elements, so you’ll never be in the dark.

  • Step Four: Presenting You with the Results

    We’ll never move forward with the actual development of your site until we’re confident that you approve of the plans we’ve made. You’ll be included throughout the process, but we’ll also sit down with you prior to putting these plans into action. We have several priorities while developing websites, and the complete satisfaction of our clients is a major one.

Why it Pays to Hire Us to Plan Your Site

Our tried-and-true process for planning websites is sure to meet and exceed your expectations. There are plenty of other reasons to hire us for your project:

  • Superior Support

    Regardless of what your web development needs are or where you are in the process, you can count on our team for ongoing, first-rate support.

  • Regular Reports

    You’ll never be left in the dark with us. Every step of the way, we’ll provide you with in-depth reports that keep you in the loop.

  • Social Media Expertise

    The web is more social than ever, and the best sites make the most of popular social media platforms. Our social media expertise will produce huge results for you.

  • Top-Notch Conversion

    Your site should attract visitors, and it should convert as many of them into customers as possible. We know how to make that happen.

  • Online Marketing Experts

    We’re vastly experienced with all of today’s best online marketing techniques and will put them to work for you.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO continues to be the proven way to achieve page-one rankings on Google, and we keep up with the latest developments to get your site where it deserves to be.