Most companies go about PPC in the wrong way, losing time and money. We’ll fix that.

Done right, PPC advertising is highly effective. With our free PPC audit, you'll find out how your efforts are faring so far and how we can help. Here’s how we help you.

  • We build a targeting strategy based on existing demand
  • We create compelling, well-written ads for all markets
  • We draw relevant traffic to high conversion landing pages
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The Top Characteristics of Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Like many business owners, you may not have the slightest idea of what makes a PPC campaign successful. Fortunately, our team does and will use that expertise to develop a highly effective PPC campaign for your business.

setting a realistic ppc budget
Setting a Realistic Budget

Without a doubt, this is where most companies’ PPC efforts implode. They simply don’t understand the economics of PPC advertising. Our team will develop a campaign that helps you spend as little as possible on the most effective ads.

Choosing the Best Keywords

Choosing overly generic keywords is the kiss of death for any PPC campaign. The keywords should be highly specific in order to funnel visitors to highly relevant landing pages. This isn’t as easy as it sounds, and a great deal of analysis is required.

choosing the best keywords
designing effective ads
Designing Effective Ads

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating an ad is that the resulting landing page must be relevant. Otherwise, you’ll alienate your target audience. However, the only way to get someone to click your ad in the first place is by making it as informative and entertaining as possible. You need to pique a person’s interest if you want a chance at converting them to a customer.

  • Keyword Targeting

    There are all kinds of ways to adjust keyword settings in a PPC campaign. For example, you can use negative keywords to fine-tune who sees your ad. This option allows you to omit certain terms, which reduces the risk of uninterested people seeing your ad. Broad-match keywords can be used to have your ad appear for many different keyword combinations while exact-match and phrase-match keywords can be used to ensure that it only shows up when very specific search terms are used. Without being aware of these and other options, it’s easy to spin your tires and waste huge amounts of money.

  • Geographic Targeting

    While some businesses want to reach out to people around the globe, many are only interested in marketing to people who live in specific geographic areas. We know how to adjust PPC campaigns to ensure that your ads only show up for people in targeted areas. Why pay for clicks from people who are located across the country from your brick-and-mortar store? This issue and many others can be managed with top-notch geographic targeting.

  • Timing

    When does your ideal customer go online? We can help you find out and then make sure that your ads only appear then. For example, if you are targeting people in a specific geographic area, we’ll make it so that your ads only appear during the day in that particular time zone. If your ideal customer is a student, we will make sure that your ads only show up in the evening. If they appear when school is on, they won’t be seen by the right people.