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Internet users are fickle. They can afford to be since they have options. If your site doesn't impress them within seconds, you're far from reaching your online marketing and sales goals. We'll help you:

  • Avoid the usual the failures of novice website designs.
  • Employ tried and true techniques tailored to your industry.
  • Create a website to produce measurable results.
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Why do Most Websites Fall Flat?

Business owners often believe that by simply creating a website, they’re ahead of the game. That may have been true 10 years ago, but it’s not anymore. In other words, if you build it, they may not come at all, or the wrong people may show up.

So, why do so many websites miss the mark and have tumbleweeds blowing through them? Top reasons include:

  • Lazy Coding

    Effective code is crucial to the long-lasting success of a website. Unfortunately, many developers use shortcuts that save time in the short term but cause major problems over the long haul. When you run across sites that aren’t compatible with your browser, contain broken links or that load really slowly, sloppy coding is probably to blame.

  • Conflicting Messages

    If you market your site in one way and then present people with something totally different, you’re just going to alienate them. Your traffic may increase, but your bounce rate will go through the roof. Our team will learn what your customer base is like and what matters to your ideal customer. We’ll use that knowledge to develop a site that meets and exceeds visitors’ expectations.

  • Failure to Build Trust

    No one is going to do business with you if your site seems sketchy in some way. There are plenty of trustworthy sites, so why risk investing time or money in a business that can’t prove that it’s trustworthy? A professional design is crucial in this regard; third-party validation in the form of off-site reviews is key too. Taking and using your own photographs can make a major difference as well. We know all of these tricks and more and will build a website that instills confidence and trust in those who visit it.

Website Design: Our Proven Process

We are firm believers in delivering personalized results to every client, but we also recognize the importance of learning what works and using it to our advantage. That’s where our website design process comes into play. This process has served us well through the years, and we’re confident that it will produce unbelievable results for you. Keep in mind, however, that each step is completely adaptable and that our team is flexible on every point. The one thing on which we won’t budge is ensuring that you end up with a stylish, highly effective website. Until that happens, we won’t rest.

  • Size Things Up

    Until we know what we have to work with, we can’t hope to develop the kind of site you need. We’ll assess your site to determine what works and what doesn’t. If necessary, we’ll also install website tracking software to get more in-depth information about how well it is faring. Based on this information, we’ll develop ways to improve it.

  • Analyze Your Business

    We can’t create an effective site without knowing what your business is all about, so we’ll take the time to find out. Our team will gain a clear understanding of who your ideal customer is and use that information to build a site that puts your value proposition front and center.

  • Brainstorm User Interface and Website Architecture

    From the start, your site must be easy to use and a snap to navigate. We’ll use wireframes, which are like blueprints for websites, to lay out the best ideas.

  • Develop Interface Design and Creative Strategy

    After determining what your site needs to convey to your ideal customer, we’ll use Photoshop to come up with an initial design for the interface of your site. The people who complete this step have extensive training in persuasive website design, and that expertise will make a huge difference.

  • Code the Front End of Your Site

    This step is also used to ensure that your site renders properly in all browsers and on all devices.

  • Code the Back End of Your Site

    Our team is highly skilled in customizing off-the-shelf options like WordPress and Magento to produce first-rate websites. If you prefer a specific type of CMS, just let us know. We will work with you to get you what you need. Regardless of which option you select, we’ll train you and other employees to make sure that everyone can use the CMS with ease.

  • Perform Quality Control

    We never rest on our laurels, so we will put our top-notch coding through several tests to ensure that it’s up to par in every conceivable way. Along the way, we’ll test it for compatibility, potential exploits, workload balancing and more.

  • Look to the Future

    Effective website design and development is ongoing website design and development. We’ll continually test and monitor your site and develop improvements as needed. Drawing in traffic isn’t enough; we’ll make sure that it consists of people who want what you have to offer. If it doesn’t, our online marketing team will make changes as necessary until it does. They’ll continually work to keep it that way too.