Social media may have changed online communication, but email still reigns supreme.

Our email marketing services will help you squeeze as many benefits out of your email subscriber lists as possible. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Create relevant ads, made to increasing repeat customers.
  • Give excellent after-sale support, increasing per sale profits.
  • Continuously engage customers without seeming “spammy”.
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Our Email Marketing Process

This process has generated thousands of repeat customers and unspeakable revenue for our clients. Whether you’re targeting new customers, capitalizing on previous customers, or just trying to improve engagement, we’ve got a plan fit for success.

  • Effective Email Newsletter Designs

    The layout and design of an email newsletter is crucial. We know what works and will put our knowledge and expertise to work for your business.

  • Subject Lines that Get Results

    People don’t open emails that have boring, generic or suspicious subject lines. We’ve tried everything, and we know how to create engaging subject lines that prompt people to open your messages with enthusiasm!

  • Stellar Landing Pages

    For each email campaign, we will create coordinating landing pages. That way, people will segue seamlessly from the messages you send to your website. They’ll quickly find what they’re after, which will dramatically increase the odds of turning them into customers.

Our Email Marketing Process

When it comes to effective email marketing, being aggressive with your audience won’t work. Flooding your subscriber list with annoying, irrelevant messages is sure to backfire. We’ve developed a highly effective process that will make you look at email marketing in a whole new light:

  • Getting to Know Your Audience

    Our team will research your target audience to figure out what they are looking for and what appeals to them. This information will help us create the most effective email marketing messages.

  • Setting Objectives

    What would you like to accomplish with your email marketing campaign? By setting clear goals, we’ll be able to work toward them efficiently.

  • Designing Email Messages

    We will carefully craft messages with strategically placed calls to action and other elements that will lead to conversion after conversion.

  • Targeting the Right People

    Using analytics and other data, we’ll gear each campaign toward a specific type of visitor.

  • Creating Custom Landing Pages

    After reading your message, people will have certain expectations. We’ll make sure those expectations are met by creating unique landing pages to go along with your campaign.

  • Testing, Testing, Testing

    We never rest on our laurels. Our team will perform extensive A/B tests and other measurements to ensure that your campaign is working for you.