Insist on Perfection with Logo Design

A company’s logo reveals a lot about it. It pays to have one that blows people away. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great logo. The one we design for your company will:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • Express your company’s values
  • Speak directly to your target audience and establish trust
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Our Logo Design Process

When it comes to logo design, some companies are all talk. We have a proven logo design process, and it includes:

  • Researching Your Company

    Every logo that we create is unique to each company that hires us. We can’t create an effective logo without knowing a lot about your company, so we go right to work on learning as much as possible. This part of the process typically includes interviews, questionnaires and an analysis of the competition.

  • Brainstorming Concepts and Identifying the Right One

    In order to get our creative juices flowing, we will start by brainstorming a few ideas. No matter how out there they may seem, we throw them all on the table. This process is invaluable when it comes to arriving at an idea that will really work. Our brainstorming sessions typically culminate in the selection of at least one promising idea. In many cases, we identify several potential ideas.

  • Concept Development

    This is where we take the best idea and turn it into an actual concept. We start with a primary concept and then create several variations of it. This is an excellent way to explore as many directions as possible. We will study and select typefaces and a type treatment. We’ll also explore many color schemes and themes. We will keep you in the loop and use your feedback to fine-tune the concept that we select.

  • Presentation of the Logo

    All of our hard work will pay off with the final design of a custom logo for your company. Unveiling the logo to you will be an exciting moment, but don’t worry. If you’re unhappy with it in any way, we will make changes to ensure your complete satisfaction. Because you’re included in the process, however, you will almost certainly approve of the logo immediately.

Do You Need a Custom Logo?‎

Perhaps you don’t really think you need a custom logo for your business and don’t think it’s worth it to spend money on one. A few reasons to do so include:

  • Strengthen Your Brand

    Using the same logo everywhere strengthens your brand and makes it more identifiable to customers.

  • Create a Unique Identity

    A custom logo will help to set your company apart from the rest. As long as it’s professionally designed, it will bolster your company’s image.

  • Express Your Company’s Values

    The right logo can succinctly express the most important values of your company. Customers will be reassured when they see your logo and will know they are in for excellent service and quality.

  • Remind People of Your Company

    An expertly designed logo will make people immediately think of your company whenever they see it. That is very powerful advertising, and it can work for you in a variety of surprising and exciting ways.

  • Strike a Chord

    It’s exciting to have a custom logo that encapsulates the most important things about your business. Our team will design a logo for your company that will strike a chord with your customers – and you.

  • Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

    Your marketing efforts will benefit enormously from a custom logo. Everything will be pulled together nicely. You won’t have to work as hard to explain your company to prospective customers.